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    ohh pretty... oh yeah my name is Lisa you can call me Raven if you wish. i'm the kind of person that has to have everything match if it doesn't match it bothers me. this only pertains to me, so... its the reason why my avatar is blue. I love blue-green, but unfortunately gaia doesn't like blue-green. -sigh- i love sushi, so if ya running around as a sushi character it makes me hungry.. -cry- I like Vampire Knights, Fruits Basket, Inuyasha and a lot of the Haiyao Miyazaki Movies... i love Kiki's delivery service, spirited away, the valley of the wind, my neighbor totoro (sorry if i spelled it wrong) and many of the others i can't think of... at the moment. I love manga too, i haven't finished vampire knights just yet, gotta wait for the books to come in. -sigh- stupid library. I've read a lot of books and only like stephen king books for a good scare, but a lot of others for comedy, i like laughing. I love horror movies, i love comedy and action too. dramas are okay, but i hate crying. =( i cried at the end of fruits basket and vampire knights, okay i'm lame but i cried because i wanted to learn more. i hate the end of movies... why can't they have it continuously going on and on? why pause? blah stupid time limitations. I had two dogs, but they are deceased. one died in 04 and the other in 07. i cried for months after each death... ='( very sad. they were my friends for a long time, and i can't have anymore pets because the death of my last dog was tragic. =( we had to put her to sleep... um... what else... i'm rambling leave me alone.. =( i'll add more later ^_^ ... <br />
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