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    Yo, whats up The names Zero. Im a smart guy, Im into all kinds of shit. Motherfucin Doctor who, Homestuck, and I play video games like its my motherfuckin job, son. Wanna be chill? Just hit me up and don't be a fuckin douche. Im a charitable motherfucker, and Im pretty fucin chill with getting back what I put out, ya dig? I fuckin cant stand when people make fuckin internet references all the time. Once and a while? Shit is cash as fuck, but if its all you talk about, best back up. Im not a very angry guy, so lets keep it that way. Wanna play shit with me?<br />
    <br />
    Gamertag: BRUTALOLOGY<br />
    PSN: FantaFlamingoz<br />
    Steam: My fuckin computer is broke, so I'll update this when it matters.<br />
    <br />
    Anyway, I'm not too fond of chillin solo, so keep me in the loop and shit, and don't be fuckin shyin off to hangin out with me as much as you want. If I'm not busy, I'm fuckin down.
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