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  • Artist Info: Hanna. No H. Don't call me Hannah Montana, Either.<br />
    That's the easiest way to have your pretty little face smashed in(:<br />
    I don't really have much to say about me. <br />
    Aside from the fact that I am a nerd.<br />
    I am hyper, obnoxious and loud.<br />
    I am BEYOND textually active.<br />
    I am obsessed with; <br />
    Juice boxxes, Alice In Wonderland, Music, Left 4 Dead[1&2], and NeverShoutNever!<br />
    I'm not made of plastic, so don't try to play with me like I am a Barbie. Because I'm not a Barbie, so don't expect me to be perfect.<br />
    Kthnxbia.<br />
    Dreammmm Avi!<br />
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