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  • Artist Info: They call me Skittles ,because i am very colorful and i always come with such of creative things.People say im so pale I could be in twilight without make up thats why I love vampires because I am one XD I also love GHOSTS!<br />
    <br />
    I am like a rose you touch me Ill cut you(thats means like if you play with my heart u arent gonna like it) I am a really nice person and when Im sad all i do is listen to music and beggin to draw i love screamo and heavy metal and rock as u can see in my fav music XD I LOVE CRAFTING! I LOVE ANIME!!<br />
    <br />
    Well if you want to know me more dont be afraid of asking me :3<br />
    I like alot of stuff expecialy being unique and creative.I am really colorful and I love skittles!! and I love rainbows!I<---(IM NOT LESBIAN OR BI,I JUST LIKE COLORS! I WAS BORN TO LOVE GUYS!) I love crafting and I love vampires!<br />
    I dont like poeple that copy my style >.<, i dont like insects,i dont like when people judge me without even knowing me... they might say stuff like omg she looks sooo like this and this and this... but im a really good perosn to get along with.<br />
    I am VERY EXTREMELY SHY WHEN IT COMES TO BOYS!! Like only with some guys!<br />
    After you meet me i'll be myself (:<br />
    but when u dont know me and i wanna be ur friend i get shy!<br />
    <br />
    My favorite colors are:<br />
    Hot pink with black,purple and neon green!!<br />
    <br />
    My favorite bands/actors are:<br />
    <br />
    lobless the fall, bring me the horizon ,escape the fate, august burns, red 12 stones, 3oh3!, alice nine, asteria, jeffree star, camilla, cris crocker, cute is what we aim for, deathstars, framing hanley ,innerpartysystem , lost prophets, linkin park, my chemical romance, panic at the disco, the killers prodigy, secondhand serenade ,the lonely island ,underoath,we the kings within temptation hinder, blood on the dance floor, i killed the prom queen ,murderdolls, breathe carolina, hollywood undead, alesana mindless self i,ndulgence in flames, scary kids scaring kids, story of the year, the devil wears prada, as i lay dying, drop dead gorgeous ,suicide ,commando attack attack killswitch engage, the used,hawthorne heights ,the academy is, the all american rejects, your sweet uncertainty, bullet for my valentine,three days grace ,austrian death machine, panic lift ,flyleaf, paramore, all time low, metro station, theory of a dead man in this moment aiden forever the sickest kids 30 seconds to mars senses fail arch enemy atreyu korn l.m.c papa roach scotty vanity sixx am shinedown tokio hotel H.I.M. <br />
    <br />
    I you want to know more Just ask (:<br />
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