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    . ► Christine. ✩

    . . ► Age: 1-50.

    . . ► California. ☀

    . . ► I like cupcakes.

    . ► Music. ♫


    || Straight || Single || Korean-American ||

    <3's || Friends || Sushi || Poptag! || Sports || Pokemon

    </3's || Mean people.. and a certain person. Tah Dah.

    Hello there, you critter. Alrighty, the names Christine Lee. Get it. Got it. Good.(: Lee or whatever floats your boat. March 28 is the bee-day && living life day by day. You can talk to me but dont get too touchy. Crazy but ehhh sometimes. Bubbly & hyper; unless someone pisses me off. The way i type you can tell my mood. Please don't tlk 2 mi lyk diz.. Im in Track, I made the 300 hurdles, 100 meter dash, long distance and long jump. I play volleyball and go to the batting cages alot. I might call you some strange names, like sweetie and bro, even though you aren't my real bro or sweetie. So, don't mind my talking... I'm lazy as HELL and I have to be motivated to do something. I'm gonna stop typing now. If there is anything else you want to know, ask. Don't be a punkwad. D<


    Eve(iifallen azn godess):

    I love you best friend! You are someone with whom I can share everything about my life because I know I will not be judged, you are one of the best things that has happened to my life. smile


    Oh, I can dream.

    User Image

    Oh, and also I need some money, for my dream avi, so if you'd like to you know.. *cough* donate go ahead...? :]


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