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  • Artist Info: Tens_angel is my character.(Not me) :p<br />
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    __________________________<br />
    Hello^^x . I'm Aine (Pron. Awnya)<br />
    I live in zephyra. It's a Very lovely country, sort of like England. Kinda welsh ish as well. But i have never been out of this country, so I could be wrong.<br />
    I'm adopted so i don't know where i really came from. But because of the mark on my right arm and my bright green eyes alot of people say i came from Dunstan in the country of Efa. Dunstan meaning "Dark stone" "Black stone " And Efa meaning "Darkness" or "Gloomy". The names, and the things i have heard about their people make me hope that i am not one of them.<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    My favorite color is green. My choice of clothing are a loose fiting top, and pants. All neutral colors, My shoes a brighter color. I like jackets & Scarfs as well. <br />
    My birthday is September 14th<br />
    I live at 24 barton 105285 <br />
    My dream is to go to Leto " The hidden place" <br />
    My older sister often talked about it..<br />
    My favorite instrument would have to be piano, I'm learning it right now.
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