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  • Artist Info: ok ok, i'm putting up an 'ABOUT ME' thingy. i'm not saying much though, incase theres some stalker person reading this right now. *waves at stalker person* ok anyways, my name is amber. its short for ambrielle. my daddy made that name up, or so says my mommy. im not saying my age, unlike those other peoples who arn't carful on the internet(david i swear if your reading this and you comment something about my carefulness, i will quit gaia without a second thought then find you and break your face!) im giving out where i live either, for safty purposes. i know what happens and i dont wanna end up as some prostitute hanging around outside a bar hoping ill get a dollar for some creppy old dude who needs a workout. noo thank you. <br />
    ok, i dont know why your reading this, you might be one of my friends or something.<br />
    any ways.......my family is a secret too, though i love them with all my heart!!<br />
    and thats all you need to know, haha i only told you my name!!!
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