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  • Artist Info: <br />
    <br />
    Hello BOYS AND GOULS<br />
    <br />
    My name is Kiwi. and I Draw Comics smile <br />
    yeah im a girl, i like men so i have a guy avatar, no confusion aside.<br />
    I love all things Gore, Horror, and Surreal.<br />
    Love Comics, Im a Big Fan of DC, Marvel, image, Crazy Cow, and Tokyo pop.<br />
    I work for Scattered Comics http://www.scatteredcomics.com/id53.html<br />
    Its Pretty Fun. Just doing Concept art right now.<br />
    <br />
    Want to Commision me?<br />
    its really cheap http://rougehyuuga.deviantart.com/journal/26685410/<br />
    Want to BEFRIEND ME? do it. i love friends.<br />
    <br />
    ABOUT ME?<br />
    Im 5'4 Tan skin, Orange, and brown multicolored hair9currently) and its short hair <br />
    Basically I look androgynous<br />
    which means in short terms : i looks like a girly Man or a manly woman. i look like i dont have a gender. But i AM female sadly. XD<br />
    Im a Complusive Cusser. I CUSS ALOT. but i can restrain myself<br />
    I LOVE ART. Art is awsum<br />
    But my art looks wierd its NOT anime sadly.<br />
    WAnna look at it? go to journals to observe my failres i mean AWSUMNESS<br />
    I LOVE YOU ALL <br />
    and saw 3 kinda SUCKS <br />
    I wanted to see someone getting their face torn off or their fingers broken and ripped off BUT NO<br />
    i get a man having to drown in Pig GOO WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?<br />
    GAY. thats what i fucking call it.<br />
    also my profile sucks becuase the NEW GAIA sucks. sorry but it does.<br />
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