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  • Artist Info: I'm Georgiiiii! biggrin <br />
    i blow out my candles on December 9th<br />
    I have three best friend i could ever ask for<br />
    I love to eat, but no matter howww hard i tryi can't get FAT! :/ <br />
    I have blonde hair and my eyes alwayz change colour<br />
    I'm really short smile <br />
    I'm no where near perfect<br />
    I have a boyfriend and love him soo much! wink <br />
    I laugh over sillly things. <br />
    I use the word "hate" a little more than i should<br />
    I HATE drama and do my best to avoid it<br />
    i've made alot of mistakes.. but hey no one's perfect <br />
    there's alot of things in life i wish i could take back and you very well could be one of them<br />
    i trust people more than i should!<br />
    label me how you want i know the truth<br />
    I love to smile and i'ma pretty sweett gal smile <br />
    in the end everyone ends up the person they said they'd never be<br />
    i've changed alot i believe for the better, i like the way i turned out smile <br />
    call me a bitch i'll show you one
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