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    ]hi im jolie biggrin or li jian<br />
    im 14 im from philippines<br />
    i study at chinese school<br />
    my hobbies are reading,and writing.My talent is drawing and painting.<br />
    i like music it makes my boredness go away^^<br />
    i like people that is kind,understanding,not soo selfish,generous,loving,friendly,disiplined to me.<br />
    i hate people that are soo mean to me it makes my feelings go bad.<br />
    if u want to add me please tell me wat is the reason.<br />
    i really like to play guitar and piano but i dont know how to play.<br />
    only the guitar.<br />
    i like anime cuz i like the drawing it makes me draw.<br />
    i can speak chinese a little.<br />
    my grandma is chinese and my grandpa is filipino.<br />
    soo my mom is half chinese.<br />
    well i can speak nihao for hi,meiguanxi for no problem,wo xihuan ni for i like you,wo hen ni for i hate you and many more!<br />
    soo thats all for me^^
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    oh and one thing im questing for <br />
    flight of the macaw,secret retreat and sandman<br />
    please help me get them.Thnx
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