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    I am Lord Mel.

    ...and I love to draw.

    TGT's Lord Protector of the Royal Pies, Plots, And Personages.

    Also Major General of the Royal Minion-soup Army

    [ Clef's Empire :: 2nd in Command ]

    ( It's rude to comment or PM someone you don't know for their stuff. I don't

    do it; if you've any sense of good mannerism you shouldn't do it either. )

    Do NOT ask me for art in my comments

    or PM me about drawing for you.

    Please & thank you.

    If you would like a chance at free Melfanian art, visit me here:

    [ I T C V ]

    "Every artist dips his brush into his own soul,

    and paints his own nature into his pictures."

    - Henry Ward Beecher

    [Status:: Art > Life > Gaia]

    * * ... R.I.P. VonLied. Ye were like a brother to me ... * *

    Official REF fan

    Clef should draw more. ;D

    Talius - Wouldn't be "Lord" Mel without you. <3

    ottedeneb was here

    Rainy is teh Awesomeness

    User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

    (TGT Assistant as of o6/28/o7)

    (TGT has been my Gaian Home Base since Nov. of '06)

    -{ "Ex Amicitia Gaudium" }-

    ~::re-vamped mini-bio thing as of Jul. 2013::~

    My name is Mel.

    I'm an artist and a gamer and a music addict.

    Not to mention an emote addict. :]

    And while we're talking addictions, throw some

    good old gaming in the list.

    Some MS, some RO2, some Terraria...

    ...Lots of Skyrim.


    I'm not too much of a touchy-feely person.

    If we're good friends, I don't care so much,

    but if I haven't known you long and you touch

    me in any way (friendly or otherwise), don't be

    alarmed if my response is something between

    blinking, twitching, glaring and/or terse

    commentary. Unless ye caught me in a good

    mood, o'course. Lucky you. xD

    I have this ...non-empathetic thing.

    Expressing sympathy, particularly with sorrowful

    situations, is incredibly hard for me. Perhaps

    impossible. Generally because I don't believe I

    can feel someone's pain if I've not been in

    the same or similar circumstances, and I don't

    believe in faking it for anyone's benefit.

    'Tis not that I do not feel sympathetic, however.

    It's just... hard to express. If that makes sense.

    My friendship is NOT buy able.

    If you want to send me a friend request, you'd

    best get to know me via conversation first.

    Preferably in a thread, not my PM box.

    I love literacy.

    Moments of word-mashing can be humorous;

    typos are a bit annoying but bearable;

    excessive chat speak drives me nuts.

    I mean, I understand the usefulness of it, but

    when you start saying whole paragraphs of this

    stuff, I just... feel the need to rub my eyes out

    with old erasers. > >; So uh... keep it minimal, 'kay?

    I love Gaia. Have been here since June 24th, 2005.

    It's a great place for my artfully-inclined muse to run amok.

    Though all the item updates these days tend to leave me

    in the dust. xD; Always gonna want more pixels.

    Any questions?

    I heart Kefka.

    He is the best video game villain of all time.

    Is this an opinion? Of course!

    But 'tis an opinion shared by many.

    - - - - -

    ::Anonymous Gifts Received::

    ( 14 )

    Thank you anonymous person/people.

    'Tis greatly appreciated. <3

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