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  • Artist Info: None of you should know everything about me. It would be worthless to know. I cant trust any of you except my close friends. So screw you. :3 That'll be all. =^_^=<br />
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    Once upon a time was when it all started. Then it ended as.. "To be continued." what i mean by this is that, second chances will never leave you alone. Love is a story. Life is like a movie. He was a boy and i was just a girl. Kids who became best friends. Kids who fell in love. We wanted the future. Just us. Just our love. Then the world turned black.. everything fell apart.. we were nothing..atleast i knew i wasnt.. what had happened? It was a long story that cant even be told.. One day, i know a day will come. A day where we'll come back. Sooner than we know. Love hurts but its stronger than anything in the world. I know he'll fight for me. He'll save me from death. You know why? Cause we love each other more than anyone and anything life have given us. ~Souless<3
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