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    Gaia Life<br />
    I joined Gaia in January of 2004, and have been a dedicated user ever since. I was a Site Moderator from June 2009 - September 2010. My focus was mainly in the Mini Shops and related forums, though I also did a lot of work in the General Discussion. In November 2010 I won my first fishing trophy, a Bassken Bronze. In January 2012 I returned to Gaia after a long break in time for my 8th Gaia Anniversary. I guess that makes me an old fart now.<br />
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    I'm not really around much anymore, but I get nostalgic and check up on this place from time to time.<br />
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    Real Life<br />
    I married the love of my life in April 2017. I'm a full-time library and information science student who works part time in a large suburban public library. When I grow up I want to be an adult services librarian. I like books, legos, sewing, bad TV, and corgis. I read an average of 70 books a year and am always excited to hear what you're reading!
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    Useful Links<br />
    Report a Hacking<br />
    Report a Scamming<br />
    Report Abuse/Harassment<br />
    Gaia Help Center<br />
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    I do like to hang out in towns & fishing on occasion, so please, if you see me there say hi! I'd love to meet you. =3
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