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  • Artist Info: So, I don't know if you want a huge biography, or just some pointers about me. Tell you what, I'll write a paragraph, then put some bullets at the end. Sound like a deal?<br />
    I'm Axhara, obviously, and I'm in highschool right now. I love playing the flute, it's pretty much the only thing I see myself sticking with. Which is probably why I'm thinking of majoring in performing arts in college. But I'm in marching band, jazz band, and winter percussion. Oh, and if you're thinking, which you probably aren't, none of the stereotypes that go with playing the flute, or being in marching band are true. The flute players are goofy, nice people. We eat a LOT, and like, really aren't the stereotypical pretty looking flute player. Like, that's just not us. But I digress, I don't really have a favorite subject in school, mainly cause I don't care that much. It's not that I just do the work and don't learn, I just think that there are benefits to each subject. I'm learning french right now too, but other than that, I guess I'm pretty average. I'm socially awkward, you know, to an extent. Like, if you ever heard me on the phone, then you know how pathetic I am. I listen to mainly folk-punk types of music; so it's pretty much bands that nobody knows the names of. I also like classic rock bands, like Bush or Nirvana, if you consider then to be classic rock. And I'm not one of those people that says they like Nirvana, and only knows one song. I really like Nirvana, I can name at least 2 albums, and can name at least 7 songs. Okay? I'm pretty friendly, I can just be rreeeaalllllyyy strange sometimes. Oh, and my computer's about to die, so I'll finish this later. Bye!
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