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  • Artist Info: ello. <br />
    <br />
    i like pretty much anything. something i might like more than anything? the computer.<br />
    i hate pretty much nothing.ecept for short anime (like 10-20 episodes long. ecspecially if i like the anime sweatdrop )<br />
    i read books (of course) and my book in progress is eragon and the 39 clues.<br />
    any animes in progress would be black butlerand hetalia only.my favorite animes ( finished or not) would be soul eater hetalia, .hack, angel beats, and thats pretty much it.<br />
    my favorite song you ask? im a star, killa on tha run, and runaway baby and basicly all three days grace.<br />
    many ppl in the past have called me a girl. i am not a girl. im a boy.<br />
    and thats me. any futher questions, just ask me. emotion_omnomnom
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