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  • Artist Info: My names Matt<br />
    there was a time when i use to think i was the luckest man on th face of the planet but that has changed and i have accepted that sometimes things just happen, maybe it was meant to happen? maybe i was suppose to let go? no body knows the answers to these but im content with my life now, Always looking forward never back, i wont go down that path again. My life has regained stability and im gonna keep it that way....im finally happy again .... so in the mean time i write and draw about how i picture my mind and where it can lead <br />
    <br />
    A 2022 UPDATE:<br />
    ^What a mess- I’m not going to delete it because it doesn’t feel right but I’ll add my thoughts now. All that was probably for attention or most likely a mask to put on trying to come off not sad and desperate. I was both those things and I don’t think that was fooling anyone. If I were to write an About Me now it would probably say simply “Chicken Nuggets are family and so are you.” It is so much effort to feel the way I was back then and pretend to be someone I’m not. <br />
    Damn.. do I sometimes miss this place though. The people I use to talk to everyday were here. Their creative ideas and dreams. I often wish that I could easily reach out to them and just listen to their ideas again. Wish I could see what stories they've been working on since or what poem they are most proud of. I know I was a projecting mess back then and I can't believe how some of you put up with me- but I do miss all of you. Wish I could say sorry to the ones I hurt and hug the ones I pushed away. Not a day goes by I don't think how meeting you was a highlight in my life. Thank you. Maybe we'll share dreams again one day.
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