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  • Artist Info: When your world is shattered and you sink into despair<br />
    I will be beside you to let you know I'm there<br />
    I'll tell you how you're never really, truly all alone<br />
    And then we'll stand again and bravely face the great unknown.<br />
    ---------------------------<br />
    101 people who love you to death<br />
    But no single one can quite steal your breath<br />
    and then you meet the one just for you<br />
    the one who makes your heart sing true<br />
    they ignore you plainly and pass you by<br />
    appraising the crowd with a critical eye<br />
    I can tell you now one of the facts of life:<br />
    Irony cuts like a knife.<br />
    --------------------------<br />
    Just beyond the trees I see<br />
    An image that appeals to me<br />
    In the cold and misty night<br />
    the silver lake reflects moonlight<br />
    A work of art that has no name<br />
    A mirror that I cannot frame<br />
    As I see it, it would seem<br />
    the spectacle is like a dream<br />
    My eyes, once dark in the night<br />
    Now reflect a speck of silver light.
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