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  • Artist Info: My name is not important but, If you realy want to know It is Emerie Hall. Yes pronounced like an emery bord (nail file)<br />
    I am terrible at spelling so don't judge me.<br />
    I have a wild imagination and I love to color.<br />
    I am very mello and not very outgoing in person.<br />
    I love to give hugs.<br />
    I say I am fat my friends say I am not. I don't beleve them.<br />
    I enjoy woching anime<br />
    Bleach, InuYasha, Fullmetal alcomist, and Kampfers are my favorate.<br />
    I woch alot of anime. Hiagerashi is interesting and confusing but, still.<br />
    It dosent take me long to remember things or understand things<br />
    If I act dumb and say I don't remember I realy don't want to remember.<br />
    I would like to be a phycologist when I get older. <br />
    I am in love with science and math.<br />
    I love to read and write.<br />
    I am not the best at writing because I can't realy put down my feelings or thoughts into complete sentences.<br />
    and my favorate colors are white and blue.<br />
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