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  • Artist Info: HI! thanks for looking. I'm screengurl2007. you can find me online at kongregate.com or facebook.com/screengurl2007 . I would love to chat if you can find me. <br />
    i'm into anime, i go to conventions around the midwest region like: anime detour, convergence, iowa con, geekkon, MAC, con of the north (gaming con) <br />
    my favorite game is DDR extreme 2.<br />
    im in college, going for pharmacy, it'll be a while till im done.<br />
    working at a home taking care of people with disabilities. <br />
    i have yahoo messenger if you want to add me PM me your ID. <br />
    I love taking photos and dressing up. you can see on facebook, i have a daily photo album basically. smile <br />
    <br />
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