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  • Artist Info: This is to someone very special...

    No one knows your hiding behind that mask.

    No one realizes they're doing the same thing.

    No one knows what really goes on behind closed doors.

    But it takes someone BRAVE to admit what they're doing.

    It takes someone BEAUTIFUL to show those scars.

    It takes someone WORTHY to express how they feel about themselves to the world.

    Sometimes those people don't realize they are LOVED.

    You are LOVED.

    People are PROUD of you.

    One of them, is me.

    Some sayings I like;

    "Daddy, where did I come from?"

    "A crow crapped on the fence, then the sun came out and hatched you."

    A jerk can give his blood to save children

    A thug with pants riding low can help an old woman when she's fallen

    A business man can eat lunch with a homeless man without judging

    So why is it man has warred for centuries because others are different?

    You have to be a little insane, to be sane.

    I'm weird, that's what makes your life exciting.

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