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  • Artist Info: I am old. both IRL as my Gaian self. Deal with it.<br />
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    My real self was brought into this world at the very beginning of spring 1983. I've liked cats since I was about 4-ish, and learned English at the age of 8. These things aside, my youth has been pretty miserable (relatively). This all really changed when someone I talked to over the internet introduced me to Japanese animation. I started by watching Photon (a reasonably weird choice for someone who had never seen an anime before; it's an ecchi comedy), and got into it. Then I watched Ranma and almost immediately fell in love with the purple-haired amazon, Shampoo. I still have a raging obsession for her and collect pretty much anything of her I can get my hands on, for example, but not limited to: Fanart, cels, resin statues and plushies. My life has changed a lot thanks to her, and even though she isn't real, I'm grateful for all she has done for me, and for Both Rumiko Takahashi and Sakuma Reiko for giving her the character she has. Out of all anime females, she is the most unique I've seen so far. Ever since I've seen a truckload of anime. Some were good, some were plain old aweful. None matched Ranma. I'm guessing because of Shampoo.<br />
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    My Gaian self materialised on the 3rd of July, 2003. I was brought here by Cowkitty, whoms profile I came across via the at the time active ClanBOB. The first items Lemau bought were the cat ears, tail and both sets of paws he still wears today. Bought the KiKi's the moment they came out, and bought the CoCo's JUST too late to buy enough, but in the end the combination came out ok. Since he came back to Gaia in late 2009 he's been gradually increasing the amount of kittens on himself, and since Gaia-Tan was the one thing that resembled Shampoo here on Gaia, he had to have her as well. While Lemau's avatar might be rich, he couldn't care less. He wouldn't sell (much less give away, by the way) any of the pixelated felines.<br />
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    Now that we've been properly introduced: <br />
    <br />
    The rules of Mau:<br />
    1. Don't ask me for Gold. I never did and look how far I got. But you're so oldbie! Yeah, I know. It's a priviledge, not a right. 4laugh <br />
    2. Don't ask me for items. The reason I have so many on me is because I LIKE THEM THERE! See also rule 1. mrgreen <br />
    3. Grammar and punctuation. With them, your PM or post looks spiffy and soothing to the eye. Without it, my freshly lasered eyes start burning and I'll hate your guts even before I attempt to decypher your lines, provided I'll even try to. razz <br />
    4. Friend requests? Do I know you? If I do, send me a PM (taking the past three rules into account!) telling me from where I know you, whether it be a thread or another forum, or maybe even real life? smile <br />
    5. Shampoo &gt;&gt;&gt; You. There is no discussion about this. She does not suck, she's not mediocre, she's not good. She's fuckin' awesome. There's probably nothing you can do about this. biggrin <br />
    6. I hold the right to proclaim anyone above the 5th rule, or any one of them. heart <br />
    7. Don't use excessive emoticons. I'd like to analyse why you prefer to use an emoticon from the context. wink <br />
    <br />
    Currently on multimedia: Caramelldansen - Throw up your hands for a CD-ing Shampoo~ 4laugh heart
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