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  • Artist Info: Ello, smile i am Bethany Nicole smile i am 16, i love dragon ball z, adventure time, and final fantasy. whats more to say? Erm.. Im a blondie but no stereotypes please(: im pretty smart and do the right thing mostly. haha smile Daft Punk are my freaking hereos! they are like saints to me so make fun of them and ill break your legs(: just kidding haha. but they are terrific. Deadmau5 is spectacularly amazing as well(: Jake Gyllenhaal, he's my background, is a sexy mother efffer:3 i love him and hes an awesome actor as well smile )) I eat like theres no tomorrow but im not fat at all(: im perfecting my acting skills so beware!!!! :3 i love animals they are pretty kick ass smile im a nerd at times but its all good smile <br />
    ummm.. well there are friends ill fight for *cough cough* Chelsea, and people i could care less about that probably hate me anyways. i am a sweet gentle person and i promise i dont bite razz give me a chance and you'll warm up to me smile <br />
    <br />
    A little bit about my friend Chelsea smile <br />
    she is a great friend that i can definetly count on, chelsea, just so you know if i go to jail ever in my life im calling you to bail me out razz haha well we have known each other for quite some time now, Psssssssstttttt! several years that is !n.n! &lt;--its a happy person!!!! biggrin haha. we talk alot sometimes and have some pretty crazy ideas and adventures as well(: we are also starting a youtube account so if you would like us to make a video of something in perticular please message me.
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