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  • Artist Info: OK i really dont like to talk about myself ninja but here's what i have to say ... stare <br />
    My name is Cassie 3nodding . I'm pretty close to being a ghost ... cuz i feel like no1 ever sees me-i try to say something and no1 notices cry ... they carry on w/ theyre own convo ... i'm pretty much the kind of person that stays at home ... realy b/c there's nowhere fun to go that i wouldnt get bored of quickly ... *siiigh* um im pretty much a downer emo ... yup ... and im very hated by alota people emo ... i even dought my best friends ... its sad really ... <br />
    uhm ... sometimes people say im emo emo ... i cry alot crying ... at night only b/c i dont like people knowing im crying ninja ... uh sumtimes i write poems but i cant seem to be able to write happy ones ... only depressing ones or death ... hate ... there was this one i did (my first one) and it was a dream kinda one ... yeah ... LOVE ... SHUT UP~IM NOT EMO!!! (but I love Emos heart )<br />
    i hate alota people stressed ... especially this REALLY ANNOYING BLONDE that used to be me bestest friend in the whole freakin world ... now i hate her SOO MUCH AND MY STEPPDAD!!!!!!! scream !!!!!!!!! um yeah ... <br />
    ok you're probably wondering is there anything good about me ??? not really that i can think of ... '_';<br />
    i like to draw and read manga ... and sleeeep and bake 3nodding um oh and listening to music *siiigh* um my favorite colors are (blood)red purple/electric ultramarine aqua/seagreen black uhm my favorite bugs are praying mantises and scorpions ... my fav animals are Koalas Turtles Armadillos and Ravens 3nodding ... i dont have a favorite song ... its kinda imposible for me ... i love to many songs ... i dont like barbies! or dora um disney channel uh people ... hm ... other things<br />
    heart i have 7 cats ... used to have more ... used to have dogs, a hedgehog, 3 mice, guinea pigs, fish ... not all at once tho ... thatd be crazy! i have a bunny ... use to have another one before but it got stolen ... i think ... heart <br />
    this is a very long profile thingy ... for a person who doesnt like talkin about herself ... i sure did say alot ... stare <br />
    ok im done now ... BUH BYE!!! ^^~
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