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  • Artist Info: Well since you're here might as well tell you about myself<br />
    I consider myself a "Hello Kitty Thug" which pretty much loves Hello Kitty<br />
    I'm 15, Mexican, <br />
    Live in California (Gurls!)<br />
    I'm that kind of person who if you treat me badly I'll do the same to you.<br />
    i LOVE photography<br />
    addicted to cute things and music (with a good beat) <br />
    i dont really like random adds (especially noobs [sorry!])<br />
    Once you find a girl and hestitate, don't because that's your only chance TO her<br />
    (I also do signs, sometimes art. so if u want it ask for it ♥)<br />
    <br />
    its a piece of... art<br />
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