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  • Artist Info: Yo. <br />
    I'm like your average Gaian, except I'm literate. <br />
    I also have a life.<br />
    Come to think of it, that means I'm absolutely unlike all of you.<br />
    Ah well, half a year later and I just wasted away just about all the life I had. I'm so proud of myself.<br />
    <br />
    If I go into details, I'll just end up scaring you. Well, all the attention whore chicks do it here, so I'll just describe myself, if the description "Great Old One of Anime" doesn't do it.<br />
    The single thing I'm good at is having no life. I have what basically amounts to an unkempt emo-mullet, a My First Neckbeard and a personality that begins at creepy and confusing and basically just goes downhill from there at the speed of a straight man fleeing from Boku no Pico. Even though I have friends and don't spend all of my life in my basement watching obscure, fucked-up anime, playing WoW and eating cup ramen and junk food, all my friends are, to some degree, in the same boat. Long story short, anyone who has a nickname involving the words "woolen sock" isn't gonna be a paragon of normalcy. I do play in a band - I'm the vocalist - and even though it's gone through a couple of changes, anyone who saw "Hakuna Matata" before the Veto removed it from Youtube knows exactly why I'm not keen on bragging.
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