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  • Artist Info: Hello, My name is Havok Crowe. Recently I let my 11 year old brother have this account, which was a terrible mistake. He stole meh life practically, including all my poetry, lyrics, meh alter ego, andses meh band. So here is teh real meh. All he did was replace meh name. I am 16 years of age, single, straight, I'm a hopeless romantic, I'm somewhat of a musician (I can play a mean toaster...I have one on a strap that goes around my neck and I go around my house in my bathrobe and slippers at 6 a.m. playing the toast song by that one comedian. He's the one who inspired me to play the toaster) I sing badly, but I still do it for my band called, well, we're still coming up with the name. It's a tie so far between bullet through my crayons, and The White Neko Expeirience.<br />
    I love Gaia and Neopets (yes, I like neopets, again, Bite me) I love cats, I write songs (some funny, some serious),I write poems (mostly serious, but not always) ummmm. okay! Yeah...Pm me, I love to talk. I love hearts! MEH IZ LOVINZ YEW ALLZ!!!!!!!!!
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