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  • Artist Info: Hi (: my name is Heather. <br />
    I am 13 summers old, but am turning 14 in a month. <br />
    So please, don't think I am lying to you when I say I'm 14 and then you look on here and it says I'm 13. <br />
    I absolutely <3love<3 country and the outdoors. <br />
    I get most of my inspirations for my songs when I'm outside. <br />
    Oh? You don't know I'm a song writer? Well then here's another surprise for you, I also play the acoustic guitar(: <br />
    I have this sort-of... obsession... with books. <br />
    Once you hand one to me I'm most likely not going to put it down until I finish it. <br />
    My Literature teachers say that I'm a gift from the "gods" because of this hahaha. <br />
    I'm not quite sure of it but okay(: <br />
    Oh, by this description you're probably thinking I am some poor smart girl who has no life and is too nice for her own good. <br />
    You are absolutely wrong razz <br />
    I am probably the most perverted girl in California, and laugh WAYYYYYYYYYY too much hahaha.<br />
    I am also the type of girl that will make you laugh so hard you pee yourself or just start to cry cause of it hahahaha x3<br />
    I am also a huge dork/yankee/hillbilly-rednecked chick :B<br />
    YES! I DID SAY YANKEE!! I was originally born in Pennsylvania, but moved to the oh-so-wonderful state of California. Oroville sucks sad <br />
    Well, anyways, in general I am a nice person, am perverted, and will stick with my friends no matter what, even if it means going to jail. <br />
    Oh, and I am a major dare devil. <br />
    I am mostly known for my reputation of dares > smile haha ^.^ <br />
    And another thing, I get distracted easily, go off topic -alot-, and get bored easily. <br />
    LOOK AT MY TREE PICTURE!!!!! biggrin I took it. lol sorry, later you guys, add me if you want ^.^<br />
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    <br />
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