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  • Artist Info: They call me Hiei, and by they I mean the ones that abanoned me as a baby, casting me aside with little feeling or care. I was alone as a mere infant, given only a tear from my mother. Eventually I'd find a group of rogue theives, the only thing I'd ever have close to a family. My killing addiction had gotten the better of me and once again, I was alone. Within that time, I sought out Shigure, a demon doctor capable of giving a Jagan implant, something I'd need later, and something I wanted to find what I'd been searching for. The tear gem from my mother, something I foolishly used as a bait to my murderous trap.<br />
    <br />
    That doesen't matter now. Over the years I've managed on my own I've gotten stronger with every passing day. Of course, it wasen't easy, but what is? My first encounter was with the Spirit Fox, Kurama, as I'd needed him to obtain a sword I'd so desperately wanted. Soon after losing to the Spirit detective, Kurama and I found ourselves babysitting him and another human, Kuwabara. Who, planly, is one of the most foolish and pathedic humans of them all, with a pardon from punishment from our crimes. We were sent to take out a group who reffered to themselves as "The Four Saint Beasts". Upon which I learned that the Spirit Detective, Yusuke was no fluke. I would have to remember to take him on once more. <br />
    Soon after the four of us were "invited" to something the richer humans reffer to as the "Dark Tournament", though I'm sure to them, watching our kind fight to the death is worth the price of putting on something as elaborite. I could have taken on all of them on our own, but after some... minor setbacks, Yusuke wanted Toguro for himself. I was happy to ablige. Once again, growing more in power. <br />
    I left after that, what use were they to me. They reffer to me as a friend... friendship, what a waste of time. <br />
    <br />
    Of course, I was still confined to the Human World thanks to Koenma. I made due with watching the human tragedy. Fires... desease... pain and suffering. It was almost like... home.<br />
    My peace, as close as it could be to it, was inturrupted by a large machine of some kind that moved rather quickly. It was loud.. tearing through the trees with the force of a knife cut to human flesh. After figuring out the situation, I took the chance to end a human life, saving the detective wasen't my intention. I simply wanted to sleep.<br />
    Little did I know this would drag me into yet another one of the detective's trivial cases. We were soon up against an ex-spirit detective: Sensui, a human on the side of demons, or so he claimed. He opened a portal to demon world with the help of seven loyal followers. Useless. Do it yourself, and if you can't, you deserve to fall. Which he did, in our own world no less. <br />
    I finally obtained something I wanted: <br />
    The Chapter Black tape. I promptly sliced it in two, deciding it best not to be seen.<br />
    Soon, I was called by Mukuro, one of the three kings of demon world. I accepted my summon, unaware that Yusuke and Kurama had also recieved summons from a respective king. I was trained mercilessly slaying S class after S class ranked apparition untill no more remained. Mukuro decided to toss me against her strongest fighter. Finally someone worthy of my power. As the opponent stepped out of the shadow, I realized who it would be. An ironic twist of fate, Shigure, the one who'd given me the Jagan implant in exchange for never exposing my secret. I found only one solution, a noble death. We died at the same time, leaving neither of us defeated.<br />
    <br />
    Of course... I was still alive. Mukuro had found a way to repair my mostly shattered form.<br />
    Little did I know at the same time, Yomi, the king of Ganderra, had made Kurama his second in command- at the same time Raizen's death made Yusuke the king. Little did I know moreover that soon, I'd be in a tournament to see who would rule all of demon world, Yusuke's brilliant plan.<br />
    Interesting.<br />
    Of course, I surrendered my place, I had a debt to pay, and in my fight with Mukuro, I released my signature "Dragon of the Darkness Flame" technique, releasing her from her shackles. <br />
    I collapsed and don't remember anything.<br />
    <br />
    Now I run demon world patrol, moving strayed humans out of demon world, using the Jagan to remove their memories of it and anything they may have learned.<br />
    I'd finally found, home, a place where cruelty is normal and hatred is a kindness.<br />
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