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  • Artist Info: Hello, My name is Zen Wolf!<br />
    <br />
    I'm an 18 year old furry anthro artists who just enjoys chilling with his friends. Originally I just made this account because one of my best friends had one, but after spending a little time here, I am guilty to admit that i'm hooked! I hope to meet more friends and furs here on the Gaia universe and I hope that everyone will enjoy my company and stay as I plot to rule the world secretly from my hidden moon base... I mean... I love cookies...<br />
    <br />
    What there is to know about me?<br />
    Well, I'm part Asian and Russian, though my Russian side is more dominant i'm assuming since my mother's features show more then my fathers. I am a budding young artist who took one art class which ended up being horrible, still am in it. My art teacher is a stuck up woman who is a complete power trip!<br />
    <br />
    If anyone is interested in seeing my art, they can check here<br />
    http://www.furaffinity.net/user/zenwolf117/<br />
    ALSO!!!<br />
    <br />
    I can make people a picture for a fair amount of gold... lets say... 5k for the work? It's not alot in real cash terms i'm assuming and well artwork takes some time to make. If anyone wants a picture, they can either message my FA journals or note me on FA or comment me here somewhere somehow
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