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  • Artist Info: Hey there seems you stumbled on to my profile, you can call me<br />
    any variation of my username or you can call me Wendell.<br />
    I feel like i should talk about myself a bit....<br />
    Okay well things you need to know are : <br />
    - I am extremely protective of friends<br />
    - I space out a lot.<br />
    - I do enjoy a good conversation or debate from time to time.<br />
    - I tend to strike up random conversations.<br />
    - If you talk to me in the towns and I don't respond, don't take it the wrong way, I am probably afk or just missed what you said.<br />
    -I identify as
    Agender<br />
    7. Don't take me to seriously, I'm sorry but I am very flirtatious, apparently. I don't see it just been told that a lot.<br />
    -I love to mess with people<br />
    - I am not a moron I just like acting like one,I come here to mess around not be serious.<br />
    - I can be extremely random(and violent) at times<br />
    -.I am attracted to women, I have nothing against men I'm just not attracted to them.<br />
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