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      Ah ya. So I finally update my profile. Whoopty-doo.<br />
      Anyways, my name is Daneisha. I am 22 years old. Yeah, that'd be me on the face of Vogue... rolleyes Not the real magazine though. xd If you don't like it, fuck you. No seriously, just get over it. Coz I already did. razz <br />
      I am REALLY into fashion. I tend to wear things outta the norm. So if you saw me, I'd be that odd girl wearing a kimono cosplay to school. Yes, I have done it-many times. It's like I wear it like it's a normal everyday outfit. Which it is for me.<br />
      Enough 'bout that. Sadly, I have an internet addiction. Thus, I am pretty much always online. <br />
      I love to do custom profiles. I have gotten damn good at it too. It's really not that hard, though it takes quite a bit of practice to make a decent one. <br />
      I love rock music, metal, pop, j-pop, anything besides rap(except for Ludacris. He'll always be a favorite of mine)<br />
      My MSN is Reioameioa@live.com<br />
      My myspace is Mikumarmalade/myspace.com or something like that. I don't go on there much.<br />
      My face book is...erm....look up Daneisha Hill, kayz?<br />
      I love to eat, I am trying to get out of it. I used to weigh over 300lbs. Now I am at 215lbs; I am not content about it. Many people say I don't look my weight. Most people say under 100lbs. I haven't been that weight since I was fucking 11 years old. <br />
      I am WAAAY too kind and truthful for my own good. I always tend to tell the truth. A lot of the times I regret it. Like in situations when people don't know my status. I desire to obtain something that is for another group other than mines. Thing is that something is only for them. I look as if I am one of them, but my honest ass admits not being one of them. Thus, I don't get what I desired to get.<br />
      As you can probably tell I talk too much.<br />
      Anyways, I love to add random people, so if you get down this far at reading this, then add me. You know you want to. <br />
      Anywhooo, have a nice day!
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