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    hey i am 14 years old and i liive in a card board box outside ADSA farmfoods (joking) i like....well just look at my interests and find out, i really wanna learn guitar and japanese but they will be hard so i dunno, i love random comments and randomers who love the same things as me so add me if you want!! just dont piss me of or i will kill you!!! i am straight if u wanna know and i am homophobic naw not really i am also really RANDOM SOO... if u dont like me GO AND GET A LIFE YOU DOUCHES i bid you goodday!!! xDDD
    <br />
    i hate well.....<br />
    ---disney channel and everyone in it<br />
    (well apart from demi lovate her music is ok...)<br />
    ---people who look at you like WTF<br />
    ---people who dont accept you for who<br />
    you are<br />
    ---PINK(the colur i like the singer)<br />
    ---chavs<br />
    ---stuipid wannabes<br />
    ---rap music (apart from linkin park)<br />
    ---clubland music(most of it but not all)<br />
    ---JUSTIN BIEBER<br />
    ---MILEY CYRUS<br />
    ---High School Musical (people <br />
    and the movies but not ashley tisdale)<br />
    and thats it for now<br />
    i wanna grunny so donations accepted well i done wanna grunny anymore!!!
    <br />
    I got my page from coolpresets.com
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