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  • Artist Info: Hi everyone! Once you get to know me, I am a very outgoing person and actually show you who I am. When you first meet me, I will be on the shy side, and not really want to talk to you, but if you talk to me, me first I will start to open up to. <br />
    i can be really stupid sweatdrop . I mean, everybody has blonde moments, but jeez. My friends don't call them blonde moments anymore. They call them Deleah moments since I have them so often! It's not even funny...well maybe to my friends. <br />
    i am a very accepting person of peope. I don't care who people say you are or not (unless you give me a reason to hate you scream ). I will not judge you on what you have done, or what has happened. I will accpet you for your personality, and who you truly are. <br />
    so...yea that's all i can think of to put on here! xp
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