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  • Artist Info: Hae hae smile <br />
    My names not really Maggie Kay haha but Gaia wouldnt allow my name apparently someone already stole it<br />
    well any way want to get to know me flick me a line <br />
    im really into my art and love to dance around randomly to music even if there is someone watching every now and then it doesnt stop me lmao, enjoy singing too although im not so great haha yet i some how got asked to join my school girls choir... <br />
    google is your friend, know pretty much everything eek <br />
    apart from how to steal one of naza's rockets &gt;.&lt; that information would be very handy indeed.... <br />
    any ways... sweatdrop <br />
    Catch up with you later<br />
    Maggie Kay
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