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    My name is Haley<br />
    Im seventy eight years old. I know i look a bit baby face but hey so do alot of other ppl<br />
    Im VERY random and outgoing. Sometimes im Extremely shy and i have a short temper. I should also tell you im asian (duh) ^.^ lol so thats makes it even worse (dont make me go ninja on you) i cuss alot! so i hope you dont mind. Im a very good listener and i try to help best way possible. Im a good friend and will always be here. I do write alot, poems ....stories...ect. Im not very good but i do it anyway. I sing lol i love it. ^.^. Favorite color is: BLUE biggrin . (if you'd like to hear the story of the blue sharpie pm me) XD Anyway if anything more you'd like to know feel free to ask. <br />
    <br />
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