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    Hi i'm Debbie. I hate being called a noob,emo or anything like that stare Anyway... I'm a lonely,sad,and a upset girl. I've lost almost everything in real life. I lost my grandma,pets,dad, and my friends... I have nothing but my friends on the internet but they can't help much cause its just the internet... Sometimes i look happy but i'm still in pain and stress. I have a true dream that is a true meaning to hope... I just got nothing else to live for emo cry sad crying anyway i hate to admit i'm slightly emo but at least i don't cut my self sweatdrop Even though i've been in Gaia for at least 83 days i still have problems i mean like putting up music but i kinda guess i don't HAVE to put music in there...... I love art! ♥ in fact in school i draw in the middle of class (Uh oh...) Draw in class + teacher = Trouble eek >_< Well and i should stop bringing art to school cause my friends- wait... actually ALL my class mates are asking me to draw stuff for them. EVEN if its for someone else scream They make ME do all the work -_- wahmbulance <br />
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    I've adopted!<br />
    Name:Meu-chan<br />
    Like:Rasberries,art,Blue,Animals,Angels,My friends,Me<br />
    No Like:Spiders,Being Bullied, Me getting bullied, Stinky stuff<br />
    Owner: Debbie (Me)<br />
    User Image<br />
    I've adopted!<br />
    Name:Kogami-chan<br />
    Likes:Cookies,Animals,Ribbons,Color brown,Color pink,TDWT Ezekiel,The MindFreakk,Me,Being shy.<br />
    Dislikes:Fights,Sadness,Spiders,Lying,Sickness,Bad luck.<br />
    Owner biggrin ebbie<br />
    User Image<br />
    I Adopted A Neko
    <br />
    Name:Yeng-Chan.<br />
    Age:10.<br />
    Likes razz ink,Snow Flakes,Robes,Animals.<br />
    Dislikes:Being hurt,Upset people,Rain,Sadness.<br />
    Owner biggrin ebbie<br />
    You Can Adopt One Too!<br />
    User Image <br />
    I Adopted A Queen
    <br />
    Name: Tina<br />
    Age: 9 (I know, its a very young queen)<br />
    Likes: Being Royal,Little Bears,The Color Black,Evil<br />
    Dislikes: Bright Colors,Kindness,Good things<br />
    Owner: Debbie<br />
    You Can Adopt One Too!
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