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  • Artist Info: Hello biggrin My name is Alexandra. I am asian. Okayy? No haters! Dx I hat preps. I like rock, korean/japanese rock, and japanese/korean music. biggrin The only pop song I like is Backstabber by Kesha xF Got it? biggrin Feel free to spam my inbox and comments, too. :3 I'm 15 and I'm not eager to go back to school :[ Oh, and feel free to correct my spelling before I get to it. :F I sometimes wear glasses Dx And I have ADD. xD Kay? So don't get mad at me, please. smile I hate the color Pink. I love the color black. I'm obsessed with Dinosaurs and I want a lip piercing Dx. I hate paranoid parents. Like mine. Kayy/ biggrin I hate mean people and people who beg, too. o3o so do not beg, please </3 I do donate, however. If you are a close friend- that I've known for a bit. biggrin -Cough- Sometimes a bit can be 2 hours Dx Excuse me if I start speaking japanese :O I'm really sorry if I do. It's a little habit of mine. :F *Nerd Snort* I do have a youtube. If you're a good friend, tell me yours, and i might sub you smile . I am nice and forgiving, unless you're a noob who's pissing me off. Then I'll go all Sacagawea on you Dx And do NOT ask for my blankey </3 D: I got it the first day I signed up. So it's special~. Kayy? Well, farewell.<br />
    <br />
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