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  • Artist Info: User Image~I'm ~Seven~ Like the # 7, I love making friends and take friendship seriously I won't be friends with you if you spam my profile, I mean seriously stare , I'm a Vegetarian, so yeah I'm a animal lover my fave animals are Cats all types of Cats including Wild Cats and kitties! I hate rude mean people, people who lie it makes me mad, i love screamo, Heavy metal music,and hard rock, and makeing Tattoos, I'm a pretty calm person mostly and shy, unless u get me Mad then you see my bad side, I'm homeschooled it sucks, I hate it when people say they understand u cause they really don't. Um at night hyper, in the afternoon extreamly tired smile .I don't have an Email so don't ask for my Email, thats half of about ME. I.M Me if u live in Everette WA. dont live there I.M anyways. =^.^= =^-^=<br />
    *~Seven~*<br />
    <br />
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