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  • Artist Info: HI! wassup? How ya doing? Cool. so I am a human, (no I'm really a superhuman dog.) I am a girl, and I am not obsessed with Justin Bieber or twilight. <br />
    I like:<br />
    -pizza<br />
    -eating pizza<br />
    -playing piano<br />
    -reading<br />
    -writing<br />
    -going on gaia (no duh!)<br />
    -soccer!!!<br />
    -and nail polish/earings/clothes. (I am an extreme person. I am a girly girl and a tomboy)<br />
    <br />
    what I don't like:<br />
    <br />
    -mushrooms<br />
    -eating mushrooms<br />
    -annoying people<br />
    -braggy people<br />
    -people who steal my bff... you know who you are.<br />
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