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    A little bit about me...<br />
    <br />
    heart The name's Jordan.<br />
    heart I'm a girl (Don't let the name Jordan fool you =P)<br />
    heart I'm 14 years old.<br />
    heart I be an English babe ;D<br />
    heart I am bisexual.<br />
    heart I am recently single. Recently as in like yesterday &gt;.&lt;<br />
    heart Me luvs my hoodies, skinnys and ma sexy high tops.<br />
    heart I love music. It's my life, especially NeverShoutNever (I want to marry Christofer Drew!!... I'm not obsessed though =P), Paramore and Brokencyde. heart heart <br />
    heart Friends mean the world to me.<br />
    heart I'm roleplay obsessed, so if you have any good ones let me now.<br />
    heart I am a NINJA. Don't believe me? I'll prove it. Did you see that? (See what?) .... Exactly ;D.<br />
    heart I like the colours blueeeeeeeeeeee, (slurple the) purple and RED<br />
    heart I can be counted as slightly mental, but I'm not. I'm just as happy as a penguin in an igloo =D.<br />
    <br />
    ... That is all. Add me, yeah?<br />
    <br />
    Meeting you was fate. Befriending you was a choice. Loving you is something I have no control over.<br />
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