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  • Artist Info: hehehe my name is gurlean and i heart anime biggrin its just so awesome who doesnt agree with me whee hahaha a idiot wouldnt talk2hand but it will never happen cause anime is just to awesome 3nodding whee 4laugh but still wahmbulance warning plz say that u luv anime dramallama rofl xd blaugh razz im strick right know mad gonk scream stressed xp ninja neutral twisted evil hehehe that was overeacting exclaim question sweatdrop a bit a who likes to eat cheese_whine who hates peper burning_eyes if u do like peper arrow idiot cool hahaha i just luv making faces blaugh hahaha doesnt it make u cry crying joke hahaha blushing redface idea emo surprised pirate ninja <br />
    sry the point is i luv anime and i luv making faces stare hahaha<br />
    <br />
    gurlean rai<br />
    <br />
    biggrin smile redface crying stare xd 3nodding blaugh gonk scream stressed sweatdrop heart xp whee wink sad surprised eek confused cool lol mad razz cry evil twisted rolleyes exclaim question idea arrow neutral mrgreen ninja 4laugh rofl pirate talk2hand burning_eyes cheese_whine dramallama wahmbulance emo
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