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  • Artist Info: I love to smile and make others laugh. シ <br />
    I love to play with hair and make others feel good about themselves which is why I joined Paul Mitchell cosmetology school. シ <br />
    My favorite colors are green and pink because they remind of a watermelon which reminds of warmth and sunshine in the summertime. ≧◡≦ - ❤ <br />
    ♪ I love to sing. ♬ And I do it loud whether anyone can hear me or not. <br />
    I also love to write and I have tried writing many books but I never finished any so I am trying to finish the one I am working on now. -__- Hopefully I can. <br />
    I also love art and music. I find them both to be amazing and easier ways to express oneself. <br />
    If you want to "stereo-type" me you can't. I am my own stereo-type and no one else can copy it. ❤ <br />
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