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  • Artist Info: Hello.<br />
    I am its-complicated-00. I am a ninja. ninja <br />
    See the ninja? That is me.<br />
    I like dark colors, and reading about the occult. It interests me. I also like writing poetry, short stories, and reading manga. I am neither nocturnal nor internal, but am an insomniac. <br />
    HOWEVER~! I do have a happy side, though at at school my face usually looks like this: stare or this: neutral <br />
    I have a very unhealthy obsession with my music, and it's normal for me to be caught listening to Simple Plan at three in the morning. (I think it's the weird dreams that keep me from sleeping...)<br />
    I am dysfunctional and bipolar, and a vegetarian.<br />
    scream <br />
    burning_eyes <br />
    neutral :<br />
    lol <br />
    eek <br />
    sweatdrop <br />
    <br />
    One- two- things that irritate me are whiners, and people in general. *Is antisocial* <br />
    But for some reason, Shikamaru is my hero. And he whines.<br />
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