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  • Artist Info: Hi my name is rei or you could call me bok-choy (nickname)<br />
    I'm 12-14 and i love to draw i like listening to classical music and hip pop<br />
    •Youhna<br />
    •Snsd<br />
    •Super junior<br />
    •ss501<br />
    •Big Bang<br />
    •Guyz<br />
    If you ask me to give you stuff(Unless i know you)Sorry go buy it at the market<br />
    I only donate when i feel like it or have a good amount of money
    <br />
    ---------------------------------<br />
    And all you "rich' People out there go ahead call me a noob but you are the noob i dont waste my money on an internet game JUST to look cool OH YEAH :]<br />
    <br />
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