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  • Artist Info: Welcome to my profile! Well, I guess if you're looking at this, you'll want to know a little bit about me..My name is Cassie, And I'm sixteen years old....I like to roleplay, read, draw..ya know, things like that...I'm an archer, and sometimes do a bit of medieval reenactment in real life.<br />
    I like all kinds of art, including drawing, painting, weaving, jewelry making, leather working, cooking...well, basically everything but sewing. That can get kinda boring. (plus, whenever I tried doing it I managed to stab myself with the damn needle...) <br />
    I may spend quite a bit of time on the computer,or doing art, but I actually love being outdoors...swimming, hiking, camping, going to the beach, etc...But yea...<br />
    Haven't really spoken to many people on here in ages, editing my profile as per request of a very good friend of mine. He's been a major aspect of my life, and had a big influence on who I am today, which I will always be grateful for. Thanks for being such an amazing friend and person as a whole, if you read this you know who you are :3 <br />
    Aaaaanywhos...I don't go on too much anymore...but if any old friends want to get back in contact, feel free to message. I still check my PM box and on the rare occasion go to towns if I'm bored..<br />
    Other then that? Feel free to just ask! I love talking to people and making new friends, so yea..... <br />
    <br />
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