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  • Artist Info: I love anime(not realy romance but some if there funny).im kind of violent and find murder intresting(by that i mean that seeing differnt types of killings.i wouldnt kill someone thats boring).i love to read! usuly manga scince most books i find are romance and boring.im nice once you get to know me and if you flirt with me to much ill probubly get mad.i dont want to date anyone(for anyone who will ask) but i will be freinds.i dont like pervs so dont even try it.but mostly im crazy and mostly happy. biggrin i talk alot cause im mostly inside so i cant talk much anyway so i might have long conversations on things i like. if you know any good songs(no rap),anime(non-romantic unless halarious),books(including manga),funny/interesting/violent vids,or anything interesting please tell me whee burning_eyes <br />
    ive got a deviantart http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=┬žion=&global=1&q=suniami1313<br />
    i know their not good and some dont have names and if you can think of names for the ones that are just random ill apreciate it ^^<br />
    im a little picky so sorry if im annoying
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