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  • Artist Info: Hello My real life name is Leslie<br />
    Age: 21<br />
    D.o.B: Dec 3 1994<br />
    Like: food,books,friends,family, and animals<br />
    Dislike: bully and spiders<br />
    Hobby: art and read<br />
    Information about me: I'm very relax and kind, there are time I can blow a fuse when I feel mad and start to curse out. You be surprise. I have three dogs and I live in Alaska. I love to draw, mainly in anime and manga. So yeah. I use my ipad or sometimes paper to draw. I'm a bit slow on thing if I don't understand. If you like to be friends, I don't mind just add me or Message me. If you like to get to know me, will do the same. I'm glad you read my profile heart <br />
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