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  • Artist Info: Well, I am who I am and that is Skyler.<br />
    I am curious, but caring.<br />
    Hyper, but lazy.<br />
    ^-^<br />
    I spend alot of time daydreaming, listening to music, reading, and on Gaia.<br />
    New worlds and personal 'NeverLands' is what I mainly day dream about.<br />
    I am highly interested in paranormal stuff and 'The Unknown'<br />
    I believe in pretty much all of those creatures out there not proven to exist. Even if it's not proven, it doesn't mean it's not there.<br />
    I love doodling, mostly of things I read about (ie, The Slender Man, The Flatwoods Monster, ect..) and people like in fairy tales.<br />
    Someday, I want to be a writer, but I'm not exactly the best at putting my thoughts onto paper (yet...).<br />
    I also want to be an artist. Wish me luck of that. ^-^<br />
    Ellie Goulding, Kerli, and Michael Jackson are my favorite singers. <br />
    My role models are Kerli and Meekakitty(Tessa).<br />
    I love mysteries and spooky stories so if you have any experiences, PM me! Also, if you just want to chat, PM me also.
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