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  • Artist Info: A bit about me<br />
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    ] emotion_yatta Hi im Heather it is nice to meet chu.......whoever you are emotion_kirakira . I like doing alot of different things, and everyone portrays me differently, obinoxous,annoying,standoffish,cold, kind, sensative, kawii, funny, freindly, and many more both postive and negitive .<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    Friends, family, enemies,aquitances and just plan annoying people<br />
    ( this does not mean on gaia)
    <br />
    <br />
    My family. Just thinking about them sometimes makes me want to vomit emotion_puke , and others makes me want to huggie them emotion_hug espeacilly my cousin Cory.<br />
    Aine is many things but one is my bestfriend, and really amazing and dependable one at that, i would do anything, if i could have one wish i would wish for her to be unburdened of her arrthiyma, oh and her nickname is nekchan, she calls me well.....bunny senpai emotion_c8 . alothough she sometimes doesn't come hang out when she says she will emotion_donotwant , but i understand its not always under her control and she also has a bf but i hope she wont throw me away just becuase she has a bf (keep reading).I hate those kind of people! Then there is keith, and alex, the most annoying kids ever( alex is more creepy but we call him vulture rape, because he's kinda a stalker eek , he also thinks he's a tough guy which is hiliarous when he gets mad.......does that make me a bad person that i enjoy that ). Then there is Katelin and dakota two drama queens they are my.....um im not sure what catageroy but there is one word or rather phrase that can desrbie them: <br />
    a royal pain in the ass. Last but not least the idiot trio, they are idiotic and kinda perverted, first there is anthony( i dont know why but i think he's secretly a crossdresser, he also nekochan's bf), then jarad(enemy he is sooo mean to me emotion_8c ), and finally <br />
    Jon, he is obsessive over pokemon,kingdom hearts,DZ and yugioh but we are both excited for sekirei season 3 which i hope will be out soon, he isvery sweet and a very good freind
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