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  • Artist Info: NAME: KAITO / Kaito<br />
    NICKNAME: Bakaito, Kaito-nii, Nii-san/Big Brother<br />
    LOSS: The ability to have a Master.<br />
    AGE: 20<br />
    : February 17<br />
    Male<br />
    HEIGHT: 178 cm // 5'8"<br />
    WEIGHT: 45 kg // 99 lbs<br />
    VOICE (SUPPLIED BY): Naoto Fuuga<br />
    SONG GENRES: Any<br />
    BEST SONG STYLE: Pop Ballad<br />
    CHARACTER ITEM: Ice Cream<br />
    FAVORITE FOOD: Haagen Dazs ice cream<br />
    <br />
    Default mode. In Normal Mode, Kaito is that lovable idiot and easy to pushover big brother of the Vocaloid family unit. He usually shirks his duties of practicing to look up and watch Nico Nico videos, sometimes with the other Vocaloids (usually Miku), other times just on his own time. Kaito is also easy to lure and take advantage of, not to mention he tends to take most abuse (verbal or physical - which he's becoming more and more accustomed to thanks to the family unit) with a grain of salt and shrug it off with a good natured smile or laugh. It's seems to be a little hard for Kaito to hold any sort of hard feelings when it comes to other people.
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